Dear Gentleman,

Welcome to my world and thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I would love to share a bit about myself, so we can see if we are a good fit for each other. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about chemistry…

At the risk of sounding too spiritual, I strongly believe working with sensual energy is an art form. To me, it is something I can feel, it’s palpable. And while it’s ethereal in some respects, I can touch it and mold it as my intuition guides me. When you slip into my world, you become acutely aware that I am a sensual artist.

I have always been attracted to all things erotic. Even before I knew the definition of the word. One of my great joys in this world is being a vivacious, yummy woman, and crafting tailored and memorable experiences with gentlemen and couples.

A large part of what has contributed to my continued success providing, is that my sessions are driven by who I actually am. Which is a long way of saying, I possess a caring for people and attention to detail that is deep and authentic.

If I have piqued your interest, wonderful! Check out my First Time Clients and Gallery pages and send me an email.

For those of you who enjoy reading, there’s more…

I take a lot of pride in being compassionate, dependable, intelligent, generous and having an excellent sense of humor. At my core, I am a sapiosexual. Although I also really appreciate the carnal connection for the raw experience that it is.

Nurturing by nature, I love to give and am receptive to your needs. And I love to do the same for myself. In fact, I need to do the same for myself. I prioritize self-care and pride myself in bringing you my best self every time we meet. In the warmer months, I spend plenty of time outdoors on my bike or out on a hike. And year round, I can be found on my yoga mat or lifting weights. Oh, and also at the spa, pampering myself.

I derive tremendous pleasure from the simple things in life. I love to cook nourishing food and strongly believe nourishing my physical body is the foundation for feeding my spirit and psyche. And by that token, I really appreciate dining out in Portland and beyond. One of the things that attracts me to Oregon is our abundant terroir and the plethora of creative chefs who utilize our bounty. You could call me a foodie.

My idea of a perfect evening. . . . it involves the sharing of food, taking in some cultural offering, strolling a neighborhood to admire Portland’s vintage homes, and engaging in some provocative conversation in a cozy setting.

I absolutely love traveling. Drinking in the vast world and the way different cultures do life is one of my favorite ways to expand my understanding of people. Dreaming about new places to visit and researching and planning a trip is as big a part of the overall experience, as the trip itself. I am comfortable in all sorts of climates, locales, and entertaining new culinary delights. I believe the thrill is in the adventure itself!

What do I want from you, you may ask? A thoughtful gentleman with excellent communication skills and good hygiene will always be met with adoration and appreciation. I go to great lengths to be nothing short of wonderfully prepared for you and love that you do the same in return. Well-executed, little acts of kindness are extremely touching, in my book.

What can you expect from our time together? Every session is unique because our chemistry is unique. I am a skilled empath, and I will intuit your desires and bring you healing on many levels. It is my joy to give you the gift of being deeply seen and cherished, and bathe you in sublime delights. Our session will be a magical time where your needs are acknowledged, and you can experience freedom from modern day life.

Just imagine. . . . the door opens before you, you step into a temple immersed in candlelight, silks and soothing soft music. An elegant woman, erotically dressed, embraces you with her penetrating eyes and warm and toned body. And then? Well, at this point, the world is your oyster.

Time with me can be very real and I have a gift for getting to the essence in a swift and graceful manner. To contrast this with another part of myself, I just adore playing out fantasies. I love it when you throw an idea out there that intrigues you – and we co-create a scenario that is fun and flexible. While I am naturally inclined toward the intimate and sensual experience, I am open to all sorts of exploration.

I ask that you remain open to asking me for what you want, as well as taking my lead, so we can weave our time together into a divine and memorable experience. Through experience and much practice, I have cultivated the ability to live life with grace, skill, warmth and kindness.

If I sound like the type of woman with whom you would enjoy spending time with, then please reach out to me to start a dialogue. I relish the opportunity to get to know one another. Life is so short, let’s savor our moments. . . .