First Time Clients

First Time Clients

First time clients, to support our mutual ease and flow during our initial connection,
please read the information below.  Thank you for your kind consideration.


Incall (Portland, close in NE)
1 hour 400
1.5 hours 575
2 hours 750
3 hours 1000
4 hours 1200
** Clients who have seen me since September 2022, are grandfathered in at my former rates

Longer engagements happen after we determine compatibility.
Arrangements are customized to the situation.

Outcall– If outside the Portland area, a longer session may be requested.

Couples– are welcome and encouraged. I prefer to have contact with both of you separately, to be sure that I can explore both your needs, and that everyone is on the same page. 1.5 hour minimum.

Keep in mind, I am being compensated for my time as a valued companion. I prefer to build connections with clients, so I can best serve your needs. Rates are non-negotiable.


Incall– I have a very discreet, private, comfortable and inviting incall, close in NE Portland.  I am flexible with scheduling, but am a planner by my very nature.  It’s best to contact me at least 2 days prior and let’s try to make it work.  Short notice is sometimes available, so feel free to inquire.  In general, my life is full, yet flexible, and availability may vary.
Outcall– Again, I am flexible with scheduling, but a planner.  I will come to a known hotel on a first meeting, but coming to your residence is not something I do on a first date.


I anticipate meeting a gentleman who is genuinely excited to see me, as I am excited to see you.  Please call or email me to introduce yourself and to set an appointment time.  Disrespectful communication will not receive a response from me.  Email is always preferable, and you will get the fastest response this way.  Sometimes a follow up phone call feels necessary to get better acquainted with each other, and so I can access your specific needs and desires, and to prepare energetically for our first meeting.

If we get acquainted on the phone, email is my preferred mode of communication for follow up correspondences. It is fine to call and leave a message, and I will get back to if you tell me it is ok to do so (and not otherwise).  I pride myself on being prompt in returning communications.

Please be willing to provide me with a reference from another established practitioner. If you cannot provide this, let me know, and there are alternative ways I can screen you. The screening process builds trust between us, and this helps us build mutual respect.

24 hours notice is appreciated, but not always needed. If you would like to see me on shorter notice, please contact me, and I might be able to accommodate your request. For first time clients, I need time to check your references.

I am judicious with whom I spend my time, and I lead a full and purposeful life. If you wish to cancel or reschedule, please contact me the day before. If you need to cancel with short notice, please plan on partially compensating me, upon our next meeting.

Please do not discuss sex with me. I am being compensated for my time as a valued companion. Any activities that we choose to engage in are private and between consenting adults.


Upon arrival, place your donation in an unsealed envelope and set upon the counter.
– Please excuse yourself to use the bathroom and wash your hands.
– Please be freshly showered and do not wear any strong smelling scent. I am extremely clean and fresh, and I would love for us to mutually give that to each other. If you need to use my shower, just let me know.  I will have everything you need to feel fresh.  Cleanliness is next to godliness.
– Please be on time. I understand that occasionally there may be factors beyond your control, and that you may need to be early or late. In these instances, please call to let me know, and I may be able to adjust my schedule. I respect and value your time, and I appreciate the same from you.
– Please bring an open mind.  Be prepared to enjoy our time together as a journey into the realm of sensual delights.


I will be more than happy to provide a reference for you once I’ve seen you. Although if it has been longer than 18 months since we last met, or if you have used me as a reference 5 times since we last met, it is best you utilize a more recent encounter as a reference.